Performance | 6+

Eine Geschichte der Welt

What is the universe made of? From a nutshell, a rib, sparks of stardust? And what did it all begin with? In a word, a crash, a moment of perfect silence? Some questions are so grandiose, they deserve more than just an answer.

In their search for explanations, three curious researchers are on their way on a fantastic journey and turn the theatre upside down. In the shadow lies an entire universe, in the folds of a curtain they encounter the dangerous world of giant lizards and in the spotlight the molecules dance. They encounter order and chaos, defy all contradictions and dare the impossible.

With the help of soft and round things, fingers, colors and loud noises, the three invent what has so far been forgotten in schoolbooks. Together with the audience, they immerse themselves in stories that are so big that perhaps only the little toe appears under the curtain.

Digital Workshop

In this hybrid online format, artists Lea Martini, Enis Turan and Johanna Ackva as well as the workshop participants pursue the question how the world came into being. Assumptions, evidence and proof are realised in bodies and on screens, through talks, in the form of workshops and in instant performances, with the aid of earthly materials.

As in the stage play that precedes this format, “Eine Geschichte der Welt” (“A History Of The World”), a “sensual invitation towards openness, fantasy and thinking for oneself” (Potsdamer Neue Nachrichten) applies.


Concept & choreography: Lea Martini, Dennis Deter
By and with: Johanna Ackva, Dennis Deter, Lea Martini
Stage and costume: Filomena Krause
Music: Theresa Stroetges
Light: Benjamin Schälicke
Mentoring: Amelie Mallmann
Photo: Jonas Fischer


50 minutes




March 29th 2019

Stage production