Pop Up | 6+

Wie es wirklich war

What did the universe come from? From a nutshell, a rib, from sparks of star dust? In search of explanations, three curious researchers embark on a fantastic journey. They encounter order and chaos, defy all contradictions, dare the impossible and invent what has been forgotten in textbooks so far.

As in the stage play that precedes this format, “Eine Geschichte der Welt ”, a “sensory invitation towards openness, fantasy and thinking for oneself” (Potsdamer Neue Nachrichten) applies.

This piece has also been digitally adapted.


Narrators, Dinosaur heads, Performance: Enis Turan, Lea Martini
Decor, Costumes, Material ideas: Filomena Krause
Music: Theresa Stroetges


30 minutes




09. November 2021, Grundschule am Jungfernsee Potsdam

1st of March 2021 in the frame of “anybody out there”/ Take-Off Festival