Performance | 14+


How does it feel, when someone gets so close that you can feel their breath? Should you stay or go? What does it really mean to be close to someone? Insecurity, excitement and doubt sometimes stand in the way of the desire to explore another body. Far from the sexualized images of the Internet, xoxo questions what it means to desire another body, while encouraging a confident exchange of feelings. Together with the audience, three dancers and a musician explore body-spaces, in which people communicate with each other and come together to discover physical familiarity, individual safe spaces and various forms of intimacy.


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November 14th 2019

Stage production


conzept & choreographie: Sebastian Matthias
co-choreogrpahie & performance: Rachell Bo Clark, Enis Turan, Maciek Sado
music: Hang Linton
text: Mila Pavicevic mit Rachell Bo Clark, Hang Linton, Sebastian Matthias, Maciek Sado, Enis Turan
dramaturgy: Mila Pavicevic
stage & costumes: Johanna Mårtensson


50 minutes



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