Pop Up | 6+

My Friend Horace

“My father gave me a crocodile skull for my second birthday. I named him Horace. Horace was once a 4.5 metre long crocodile that lived on the north coast of Australia. When he was old, he swam into the mangrove swamp to return peacefully to earth, and that’s where my father found him.”

My Friend Horace is a duet between Renae Shadler and a crocodile skull. The pop up piece addresses the regenerative cycle of life and is based on Renae’s true story of her lifelong friendship with the bone and their many adventures together.

Audience members move through worlds filled with underwater creatures, becoming Horace’s prey and trying to escape him, swimming in the bottomless ocean with all its mysteries and beauties, and in the end becoming a crocodile themselves.

My Friend Horace raises the question of how we can coexist with animal companions and their environment and stay connected to living creatures long after they have died.


Choreography & Performance: Renae Shadler
Dramaturgy & Workshop: Anne Welenc
Set & Costume design: Camille Lacadee
Music & composition : Jonathan Reiter
Creative producer & Distribution : Dörte Wolter
Outside eye: Moos van den Broek


approx. 30 Min.


The premiere is planned on the 17th of November 2022.

Trailer :