Performance | 13+


punk, beat…LOL! is a pop-up lecture-choreography for young people aged 13 and over. Inspired by the question of how young people deal with their anger, pop cultural and political movements from history meet contemporary dance, performance and video art.
Based on the claim that “pop culture was created through anger and around anger”, the two performers tell stories, clarify facts, sometimes move wildly and sometimes not at all, transform themselves, and show how a cool, creative act can emerge from rage, anger and indignation.


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Pop Up


Concept & Choreography: Regina Rossi
By/With: Katharina Duve, Regina Rossia
Live Video-Collages: Katharina Duve
Dramaturgy: Kirsten Bremehr
Costume: Katharina Duve
Mentoring: Sibylle Peters



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