Regina Rossi

studied applied theatre sciences in Porto Alegre/Brazil, performance studies in Hamburg and choreography in Amsterdam. She is currently doing her doctorate in Applied Theatre Studies / Giessen under Prof. Bojana Kunst. She has been living and working in Hamburg since 2009. Rossi has collaborated as a performer with Ted Stoffer, Antje Pfundtner, Barbara Fuchs, Sylvi Kretzschmar and others. Since 2011, the choreographer has been producing her own works, which are based on a feminist approach both thematically and aesthetically. After the trilogy of exhaustion (2011, 2013, 2014), an examination of body and movement cultures from Brazil, GLOOM (2016) and 2lips (2019) followed. LUSCO FUSCO (2018) was her first work for a young audience. Rossi also focuses on teaching dance and performance to children and young people.

Pop Up: Punk, Beat, … LOL! ( 2020/21/22)