Performance | 6+


Zipp, Krap, Bang, Chhhhh… A huge wooden box! Around, inside and on top of it a rhythmic and sonorous story unfolds. There you discover a hand, here you see a head. Has it disappeared again? What is hidden in the box? And what exactly unfolds out of it? Movements and noises repeat themselves, build on each other and disappear again. And yet before you notice it, the rhythm has taken us into another loop. Clément Layes is developing the first pop-up in explore dance – Network Dance for Young Audiences. The pop-up sees itself as a mobile piece that can suddenly appear both in classrooms and in public spaces. With ONONON, the choreographer concludes a series of performances in which he explores appearance and disappearance and the resulting rhythm. Clement invited children from Freie Schule Potsdam to enter into an artistic dialogue with him and his team and to exchange thoughts and ideas.


April 4th 2019

Pop Up


Concept & choreography: Clément Layes
Performers: Cécile Bally / Nir Vidan
Mentoring: Gabi dan Droste


30 minutes