Performance | 7+


The premiere previously scheduled on the 14.05.20 will take place on 19.05.21 instead.

Every day, when the time is right, Libelle closes her eyes, invents her own language and starts telling us her fantasy story… It’s a story which we don’t need to understand or to read, but one to feel, to watch and to sing along. This performance is both a dance show and music concert, where Libelle and her friends play with words and rhythms, mixing their voices and drum sounds and merging them into songs and movements. Shifting between acoustic and electronic, they morph into cool, mysterious and colorful creatures.


19 May 2021 (original premiere date 14 May 2020 canceled due to Covid-19)

stage production


Concept, Choreography: May Zarhy
Created with and performed by: Susanne Grau, Elpida Orfanidou
Music, Performance: Lena Geue
Light design: Dennis Dieter Kopp
Costumes, Set design: Federico Protto
Mentoring: Nico Grüninger
Technician on tour: Jonaid Khodabakhshi
International tours: as is presenting arts


HochX Theater und Live Art, Munich

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