Performance | 8+

von hier nach dort (by the way)

Premiere on the 30.07.2021 in Munich

(previously scheduled on the 23.04.2020)

Within every farewell hides a small death. What does it mean, to actually say goodbye? To someone, or to all the large and small things from which we grow in our lifetime? In by the way the performers accompany their visitors on a farewell trip, a fun-loving adventure full of music, arts & crafts, dressing-up, singing & dancing, to face the great unknown with courage and celebrate the miracle of life together!


premiere will happen in the frame of the explore dance festival 30.06-02.07.2021

Stage production


concept & choreography: Lee Méir, André Lewski, Lidy Mouw

music: Robert Konderosi

costumes: Lea Kieffer and Lee Méir

Foto:  Elise Scheider


about 1 hour 15 (aftertalk included)

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