Performance | 8+

ohren sehen / ears to see

Imagine you are in an urban living space, a city. Your senses are like sensitive antennas. You use them to sniff the humid air, feel musty soil and rummage through spiny thickets. Your ears are pricked up, and they listen to the urban underground. Who lives there in the ground, in tunnels and canals? The city is a habitat for many creatures, animals and plants. And we are always in the middle of it. If you become all ears, you can listen to their voices and stories: What does the earthworm dream about? How does a snake survive in a sewerage? And do lichens only want to dance? In the end, the city decides it’s time to set out and find a new form and way of life. But then who are we, and what can we contribute?

“Ohren sehen auch” (8+) is Lea Moro’s second choreographic work for young audiences after “Alle Augen Staunen”. Together with Sophia Neises, Sharon Nogales, Moritz Frischkorn, Nina Krainer, Andres Bucci, Martin Beeretz and a number of speaking creatures, the audience embarks on a polyphonic audio journey in and around the theater. In the process, we provide a sophisticated orientation system for blind and visually impaired audiences so that they can move independently through the performance, which will take place regardless of the weather. Therefore we ask you to bring appropriate clothing. “Ears To See” proposes the act of listening as a mode of responsible, cooperative coexistence with our environment.


20th of March 2022, fabrik Potsdam, explore dance Festival #3


concept, choreography: Lea Moro
dramaturgy, script: Moritz Frischkorn 
co-choreography, performance: Sophia Neises, Sharon Mercado Nogales, Julia Turbahn 
sounddesign: Andres Bucci aka Future Legend
costume and set design: Nina Krainer 
light design: Martin Beeretz
artistic and choreographical collaboration : Kiana Rezvani
Co-composition songs: Jana Sotzko
Assistant costume: Molly McDonnell
Technical support sound: Bátor Toth
Text contributions: Harriet von Froreich (lichen), Ira Melkonyan (clouds), Luisa Pardo (snake)
Dramaturgical production support (Tanzhaus Zürich): Simon Froehling
Production, Management: Hélène Philippot
Touring: Mirjam Sadjak
Audiorecording, Mastering: studio lärm
Speakers: Vernesa Berbo, Moritz Frischkorn, Lea Moro, Julia Pohl, Birte Schnöink
Gesang: Moritz Frischkorn, Lea Moro, Sophia Neises, Sharon Mercado Nogales
Mastering Songs: Falk Andreas – Blank Room Audio




The performance has an integrated audio description and auditory guidance system.

For the most part, the audience is directed outside the theater. The route traveled will be over meadow, cobblestone, single steps and asphalt. There will be extended periods where standing is required. The audience will be asked to close their eyes and walk along a rope.

The audience will receive instructions through headphones, which will not be translated into German Sign Language or easy language.

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