Pop up | 6+

Wo drückt der Schuh

Flip-flops, sneakers, rubber boots, football shoes, slippers, ballerinas and the like – shoes are part of our lives. Sometimes we are “fit as a fiddle” or “topple over with enthusiasm”. On a constantly changing stage consisting of colourful, diverse shoes, the two dancers discover which stories or movements lie behind them. Imaginative and versatile, they use the shoes as a metaphor for the topics of their young audience: Where does the shoe pinch; What is getting on their nerves; When do they get cold feet? Shoes transform into the one insurmountable obstacle, become a floating mobilé and are always the starting point for new movements. Funny, poetic and sometimes belligerent, the mobile pop-up performance invites children to marvel and reflect.


16th January 2023, Johann-Gottlieb-Fichte Grundschule Bautzen (school representation)


Concept: Jana Schmück, Mami Kawabata, Eve Gubler
Dance and Choreography: Jana Schmück, Mami Kawabata
Dramaturgy and Co-Choreography: Eve Gubler
Music: Paul Geßner


about 45 minutes