Performance | 8+

happy sisyphos

happy sisyphos is a contemporary, playful choreography for young audiences, inspired by the ancient Greek myth of the Sisyphos story. At the center of the piece is the idea of a Sisyphus task as a winged word for a fruitless work, which starts over and over again from the beginning without any foreseeable end.

In happy sisyphos, the audience follows a group of three performers of different ages who devote themselves to endless, repetitive physical activities. The material of their work is both objects and their own bodies, they carry, pass on, build up and down, form circles and chains.
A collective body emerges, which however breaks up and reassembles itself again and again. Work-songs and the music of a percussionist rhythmize and facilitate the Sisyphos work. Dances of futility and repetition emerge, possibly turning into joy.


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