Performance | 10+

Die Choreographie der Dinge und Geräusche

For the pop-up production Die Choreographie der Dinge und Geräusche, choreographer Lucia Glass is working for one month with Clemens Endreß from the Klangmanufaktur as an artist-in-residence at the Stadtteilschule Blankenese. Together with students from year 5 to 13, the artistic team are researching what it means to artistically place your own body in space. They will experiment with objects, which are set in motion and thus generate noises. The resulting ideas will find their way into a performance in the form of choreographic scenes.


May 24th 2019 (Pre-Showings May 2nd/3rd 2019)

Pop Up


Concept & choreography: Lucia Glass
By and with: Jonas Woltemate and students of Stadtteilschule Blankenese
Music: Clemens Endreß
Mentoring: Gabi dan Droste


30 minutes