Performance | 6+


In German, “spinnen” (spinning) has many meanings. It describes, among other things, the art of creating and pulling a thread, of following a thought, of pondering, of exaggerating something in such a way that it seems implausible and wondrous. deufert&plischke took (thread)-spinning as their theme in order to create a performance together with children from the Freie Schule Potsdam that moves between language and dance. Stories, memories, thoughts and meanings around garments let the protagonists wander through space with their bodies and senses. Thus a dance develops in the confusion of time, space and people and not next to each other.


28th november 2019, Freie Schule Potsdam

Pop Up


Kattrin Deufert, Thomas Plischke and Verena Sepp


Children from the Freie Schule Potsdam


David Kummer

Picture credits

Angélique Préau

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