Performance | 8+

PayPer Play

What if our fantasy would turn into reality? We could have everything we dream of around us, just like this! Toys, holiday mood, playmates…. Starting in an empty room, the world of PayPer Play’s protagonist turns into a firework full of surprise – nice ones, funny ones but also creepy ones. The new possibilities make the small little world bigger and more colorful, but they also bring difficulties with them. PayPer Play is a danced story about friendship, about the wishes we have, about deception and comfort. It draws us into a world that hides various facettes behind its plain surface.


The premiere previously scheduled on March 18th 2021 took place on March 22nd 2022.


Choreography and Dance: Andrea Costanzo Martini
Dramaturgy: Yael Bigon-Citron
Dance: Carmel Ben Asher, Avidan Ben-Giat
Set Design: Avidan Ben-Giat, Oded Younes
Light Design: Yoav Barel
Music: Byniamin Reches and others

Mentoring: Amelie Mallmann


60 minutes