Performance | 14+

Shifting Perspective

In his new piece Italian choreographer Diego Tortelli connects the plurality of possible point of views with the question about tomorrow’s theater. Who is our future audience? In what way is their perception affected by the omnipresence of images and speedy change? How is the perception determined by the perspective in general? Along a sound installation created by Francesco Sacco evolves a universe that sensitizes towards a situational perception and that triggers an interactive spectating.


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February 28th 2019

Stage production


Choreography: Diego Tortelli & Tänzer*innen
Composition: Francesco Sacco
Dance: Jin Young Won, Cristian Cucco, Corey Scott-Gilbert
Technical direction, light design: Roman Fliegel
Sound, audio recording: Josy Friebel
Production management: Miria Wurm / Tanzbüro München
Mentoring: Amelie Mallmann


40 minutes


Muffathalle, München