Performance | 8+

Hey Körper?!

In anatomy or biology classes, we learn about the human body as a skeleton or as a system of muscle strands and functions. Muscles, organs, body parts are depicted – but what exactly are these body parts, what defines my hand as a hand? And why is there no word for the area between my elbow and my upper arm? What would the body look like if we thought of it as a landscape, a weather system, or a folded skin sculpture? What do these body images look like in motion? With her piece Hey Körper?!, Sahra Huby explores existing body concepts and body images, changes them and plays with them. Through dance, the ways of perceiving the body are expanded and alternative ways of depicting the body are presented by means of live drawings.

Sahra Huby works as a freelance dancer. In 2016, 2017 and 2020 she received research grants from the City of Munich to further develop her own artistic practice to work on her research project Cartographies – a research about the representation and perception of the human body, which is questioned through dance and drawing. The pop up piece Hey Körper?! emerges from this research.


11 July 2023


Choreography, Drawings, Dance: Sahra Huby
Assistant, Performer: Leonie Priepke
Music: Maxim Kolomiiets
Costume: Louise Flanagan
Dramaturgy: Anna Konjetzky, Susanne Schneider
Outside Eye: Annette Geller
Expert: Tanja Erhart


40 minutes


Grundschule an der Fromundstraße and other schools/venues

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