Performance | 5+


How soft is still strong? How tall is a hero or a heroine? What does courage cost and how much does a ‘no’ weigh? Two dancers go on risky explorations, suspend gravity, climb the highest point in the room and lose their balance.1004 Zentimeter Mut (1004 Centimeters of Courage) is an acrobatic dance duet dedicated to courage as the counterpart of fear. In a world full of insecurities, the choreography explores the inner resources of young and old through constant changes of perspective. In the process, body parts grow into infinity, hands become feet, chairs become steps, and the wall becomes the floor. An empowering choreography between taking action, taking care and overcoming obstacles.


Concept / Choreography: Nora Elberfeld
Dance: Nora Elberfeld, Guy Marsan
Dramaturgy: Judith Jaeger
Stage: Doris Margarete Schmidt
Sound: Gregory Büttner