Eine Person mit großem Pappmachékopf liegt auf einem Turnhallenboden.

“Children mourn in puddles”

A conversation about grief with two grief counselors from the Malteser Dresden.

Interview in German conducted by Oskar Smollny | March 5, 2024

How do you make a piece about death and transience for children and anyone aged 8 and over? Rika Yotsumoto and Daniil Shchapov faced this challenge during the development of their pop-up Peng!Peng! In order to approach the topic, the two artists were able to talk to staff from the “KiTT – KinderTrauerTreff” (Children’s Bereavement Center) run by Malteser International in Dresden. explore dance editor Oskar Smollny met with Sylvia Jaster and Edith Kudla from Malteser International and talked about their work, which – according to the two Malteser staff – is not called work, but accompaniment. A conversation about death, children and the space they have or should have in our society.

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