Munich | HochX

Discourse Formats

11.30am – 1pm: panel discussion

Input & Moderation: Elisabeth Nehring
Guests: Moritz Frischkorn, Anna Konjetzky, Alfredo Zinola, Katharina von Korff, Petra Schmid-Lenz

The pop-up productions of explore dance are conceived as mobile projects, which turn school spaces into stages and in doing so reach young audiences that would otherwise not necessarily visit theatre performances. Dance expert and journalist Elisabeth Nehring talks about the potential of classroom pieces, especially for rural areas. In roundtable discussions with choreographers, teachers, and representatives of local cultural policy, experiences with classroom pieces will be exchanged. In addition, the specific needs of artists, school families, and sponsors will be further negotiated.

1.30pm – 3pm: Reflection on the Pop Up Feature & Outlook

Elisabeth Nehring reflects together with the guests on the two-day pop up feature in Munich, which was developed and constantly adapted during the rapid expansion of the Covid19 epidemic. We venture out and take a look both back and and into the future, examining how working in contemporary dance is changing for and with young audiences.

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