Performance | 5+


Two dancers wind around each other, roll backwards, one stands for minutes on only one leg, then wobbles, falls, tumbles and… saves themself with a daring leap.The exuberance in the movement gradually turns into displeasure in the face of an ever-growing sculpture that spreads out in space and grows and grows and grows… Hide or show your teeth? LÖWEN(SCH)MAUS is a dance-acrobatic duet for children from the age of 6, dedicated to the phenomenon of courage as an antagonist to fear. In a world characterised by external insecurities, the choreography explores courage as an inner resource of young and old through moving images and daring forms.


Concept / Choreography: Nora Elberfeld
Dance: Nora Elberfeld, Guy Marsan
Dramaturgy: Judith Jaeger
Stage: Doris Margarete Schmidt
Sound: Gregory Büttner