Performance | 8+

ohren sehen auch / ears to see

Our senses are like feelers: they sense and discover an environment surrounding us.

After Lea Moro’s first choreographic work for a young audience, All Our Eyes Believe (Alle Augen Staunen, 2020), which deals with motifs of wonder and processes of seeing as a central component, ears see too takes up processes of hearing in interaction with our seeing and relates them again to topics of environment and ecology. A sounding stage landscape forms an oceanic whole. This extends as an ecosystem of plastic bags, algae, fabrics, plants, salt dough, ice and creatures becoming liquid. We create their hearing. What does plankton sound like? Do algae hum melodies? Does frozen material carry clinking crystals? ears see too creates a sonorous as well as haptic landscape that challenges a fusion of ears / hearing with eyes / seeing. The audience moves around and in this space as part of it. The bodies blend into the surrounding landscape. Together they move, stage and create their continuously transforming environment as an ecosystem of themselves.


March 2022, fabrik Potsdam


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