In order to ensure a diversity of experiences and opinions in dealing with the topic of dance for young audiences, the network partners have invited experts from various fields to accompany the project.

An international advisory board composed of representatives from European dance and theatre institutions assist in the selection of artists and provide a chance to embed the experiences gained throughout the project into a dialogue with broader international expertise, thus building a knowledge pool. Four dramaturges experienced in working with young audiences are moreover also be associated with the project and assist the choreographers as mentors during the production process in this challenging field. In addition, every institution cooperates with a local network, partnering with schools and educational institutions, as well as cultural mediation programs. The producing artists encounter the local target groups via various participatory formats. The local partner networks provide access to the target audiences and so enable an intense involvement of children and teenagers in the development process of the pieces, in the reception of the resulting productions, as well as in in-depth feedback and reflection of the artistic works. International board members, mentors and educational institutions embody the chance for a valuable expansion of perspectives and will accompany the project over its entire duration.

International advisory board

An international advisory board accompanies the project and provides a network for explore dance beyond Germany. Three representatives of European dance and theatre institutions aid in the selection of artists and contribute their expertise to the network.


Four dramaturges experienced in the field of working with young audiences are associated with the project in order to help mentor the choreographers.


Building long-term partnerships with local partner schools and educational programs is an essential part of explore dance. Every city cooperates locally with different partners from the field of aesthetic education and mediation to create access to contemporary dance.